Phenology (Dr. Andrew Ristvey)

Depending on your location, Aronia will flower between late April and mid-May.  Flowers will persist for about 3 to 7 days. Many species of bees pollinate the flowers but Aronia is apomictic and does not require pollination for fruit production.


Fruit begins setting and developing throughout June to August.  Fruit progressively turns from green to red to purple during this time period. For the most part, the fruit ripens at the same time, with some stragglers.

In Maryland, harvest is usually between the middle and end of August and should be based upon the increasing Brix content of the fruit.  There is a large variation in the Brix dependent, based upon presently unknown factors, possibly genetic and/or environmental.  Fruit should be picked at maximum Brix before senescence, which starts as fruit begins to wrinkle as it dries on the plant.

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