Aronia Tea in Europe

Among marketers of Aronia tea in Europe is


Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH rooibos tea – ARONIA ACEROLA-100g

100 grams Intense, fruity-flavored Rooibos tea blend with chokeberries-and-sour taste of the fine acerola Kirsche.Zutaten: Rooibos Tea, Chokeberry, flavor, pomegranate blossoms, blackberry leaves, Vitamin C, Acai Fruit Powder …

Aronia, Acerola – Flavored Rooibos Tea (100g)

100g Acerola Aronia Flavored Rooibusch-/Früchteteemischung.Intensely fruity melange with chokeberries and the taste of fine-sour acerola cherry. Ingredients: Rooibos tea, flavoring, …

BIO ARONIA special teas 100% Organic 150 g pomace

Tastier and more powerful tea that contains 100% organic Aroniatrester. The pulp consists of skins and seeds with the valuable ingredients of the chokeberries.Apple berry fruit tea from Girka (100g)

Apple berry tea Girka. Wonderfully aromatic fruit with the taste of chokeberry and bilberry.(3.07 EUR/100g) Original Aronia Aronia tea extra
Aronia tea extra extra Aronia tea – a special fruit mixture.Powerful, harmonious taste with a new procedure developed with 60% Aroniaanteil. The Aroniatee tastes powerfully harmonious
(3.07 EUR / 100g) chokeberry Aronia tea extra-extra tea – a special fruit mixture. Powerful, harmonious taste with a new procedure developed with 60% Aroniaanteil. The Aroniatee …
Jiaogulan Tea Leaves Five Asian ginseng tea specialty to increase well-being, the plant has a first adaptogen (balancing, adjusting) and 2 Jiaogulan has four times more antioxidant

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