Aronia Breakfast Food (Germany)

Aronia Crunchy

Ran to the breakfast table – available Crunchy Organic Aronia

From: Evelyn Kaufmann | Published at: 18 October 2011 | News , Products |No Comments

At the heart of a healthy breakfast is the inclusion of healthy carbohydrates, so a high-energy start can be guaranteed in the day. Crunchy – in German – nibble.Yes, it is nibbling fantastic! It is a kind of granola without fruit. I just put it over time with crisps. Oats, wheat flakes, crisp rice and oats are connected together with Aroniatrester and give a nice flavor. It is important that we do not use sugar, but sweet with rice syrup.

Now the question will arise again, why is it called Aronia Crunchy , if only 2% Aroniatrester are included? We will give the same answer we give to the fruit balls and fruit slices, because they also share the chokeberry is comparatively low. > Continue reading

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