Polish Aronia In Japan

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Precisely for this reason, after the outbreak of a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the Japanese interested in it – gives special attention service farmer.pl Japanese authorities have asked the Polish fruits that have already been recommended by the local Ministry of Health.

A large part in establishing cooperation with the Japanese had a prof. Iwona Wawer, Medical University of Warsaw, who on this topic chokeberry released several publications and who works closely with the association of eco-farmers. Thanks to her Japanese counterparts were sent, among others to growers of Podlasie.
Currently in Japan takes action to promote the fruit. Under the framework, such as chokeberry was presented during the celebration of Polish day in Tokyo. Arona also recommends the Ministry of Health of Japan. In the near future will draw forth two seminars: in Tokyo and Osaka, which will be attended by scientists from the Polish and Japanese.

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