Fair draws crowds in hordes

Bangalore, Nov 11, DHNS:
Crowds thronged the Bangalore Palace Grounds in big numbers on Day Two of ‘Bio Fach India,’ the ongoing international trade fair.
Although it was a week day, visitors made a beeline for the 120-plus counters that have kept the fair abuzz. 

The fair has attracted participation from 13 states. Of the global participants, Germany has set up over 13 different counters showcasing the best organic goods from back home.

‘Fascinating’ is how Dr Ingo Braune from the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection described the counters set up by Karnataka.

“In Germany, we have just around three-four varieties of rice, but here there are over 40 varieties.  India is very strong in terms of organic farming and Germany is looking forward to learn and collaborate for future endeavours,” he said.

Austria has its presence with a counter on organic tea made of Aronia, Ginger and Acai Agave, a drink the Austrians say is a ‘holistic natural refreshment’.  The Netherlands is the other country from Europe participating in the fair.

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