Aronia Berries: Juice, Chews and Fresh

Aronia Berries: Juice, Chews and Fresh

by admin on February 20, 2013

Because many people find it difficult to handle the taste of the Aronia berry alone, there are several different products available to avoid eating it raw while still getting the benefits of the berry. Red Aronia berries are a bit sweeter than black and purple ones, but a good portion of individuals still prefer to consume the fruit in juices, jam, or tea rather than by itself. Many of these products use sweeteners to dull the astringent taste of the fruit and reduce the feeling of dry mouth.

One of the many products that provide Aronia berry benefits are gummy chews. These snacks often feature organic sweeteners to provide a taste that people prefer. Many of them are gluten, wheat, and dairy free, unlike the gummy candies that you find in most snack aisles. They are a great way to take advantage of the berry’s antioxidant properties after a long day at work or simply to start your morning the right way. The purple berry is favored for these snacks because it has even more powerful antioxidant properties with emphasis on neutralizing free radicals. Even better is that these snacks will appeal to children, who may not want to eat fruits regularly.  Full Article

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