Aronia – A medicinal Plant, “Health-Berry” and our Passion

Aronia (aronia melanocarpa) is an indigenous shrub and – if we can believe what botanists say – a real pioneer plant. We started our initial research seven years ago. At that time there was only Russian and English literature on aronia available. There was absolutely nothing to be found in German on the Internet. So we set out to translate what was available and started working with aronia berries in a small fruit juice production plant in Saxony.  Originally from the eastern regions of North America close to the US/Canadian border the aronia plant grew on all different types of soil in vast tracts of land. The native Indians knew the plant and praised it for its great healing effects. The famous Russian botanist and globetrotter Mitschurin discovered the aronia plant in America and took it home to Russia for the purpose of breeding. With the support of the Soviet regime under Lenin and Stalin he grew frost-resistant varieties, amongst others the aronia melanocarpa.

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